It’s not really you

Purple flowers

Cat sitting on a bench

Donut covered in topping

A bird in the water

Train cake

Colorful salad

Broccoli and carrots

Graffiti on a wall

Cake decorated with flowers

Piece of broccoli

Close up of a rock

Close up of a vase

Pizza sitting on a rock

Dimensions : 60 x 45 cm – 2.5D Print

I used software to download thousands of abstract paintings. These paintings are historical, contemporary and amateurs. I took everything equally. I did not choose. I let the machine to do. The “abstract” style is in very different practices. Then I used Eyescream: the neural network has learned from these images of the Web, it generated lifelike images of 256 by 256 pixels. To create the texture of the paint, I applied the same learning process with another software on the results of Eyescream images. For the names, I used another neural network that attempts to describe the images.