The Kiss 3 : recursive Cinema

A partir de la scène fameuse du baiser dans Vertigo, scène qui incarne la mémoire cinématographique, j’ai injecté le synopsis du film grâce à une AI. Ainsi, une courte scène métabolise le film en entier qui est réinterprété automatiquement à partir d’un espace latent de possibilités.

From the famous kissing scene in Vertigo, a scene that embodies cinematic memory, I injected the synopsis of the film through an AI. Thus, a short scene metabolizes the whole film which is automatically reinterpreted from a latent space of possibilities.


0 : [« John Scottie Ferguson and a fellow officer pursue a runaway criminal across San Francisco rooftops. »],
10 : [« Scottie trips during the pursuit and is hanging off a gutter high up on the building. »],
20 : [« The other officer tries to rescue him but falls to his death. »],
30 : [« Scottie is left hanging, terrified. »],
40 : [« In his friend Midge’s apartment, we learn that Scottie has had to retire from the police force because of his fear of heights, which causes severe vertigo. »],
50 : [« Scottie says that he’s gotten a call from Gavin Elster, someone he knew in college but hasn’t heard from since. »],
60 : [« They wonder what the call could be about. »],
70 : [« Midge says she’s asked her doctor and only another emotional shock will get rid of Scottie’s phobia. »],
80 : [« Half-joking, Scottie says he can get over it himself, but when he tries to get used to small heights by standing on step ladders, things don’t go well. »],
90 : [« He faints when he looks out the window, and falls into Midge’s arms. »],
100 : [« In Gavin Elster’s office, Scottie’s rich former classmate explains his predicament. »],
110 : [« Elster’s wife Madeleine has been acting strange. »],
120 : [« She disappears for afternoons at a time, spaces out regularly, and seems to be possessed by a ghost. »],
130 : [« At first, Gavin had blamed the change on San Francisco—You know what San Francisco does to people who have never seen it before Now he’s not so sure. »],
140 : [« Scottie scoffs at first and suggests that Elster take his wife to a psychiatrist. »],
150 : [« but curiosity gets the better of him and he agrees to look into Madeleine’s strange case. »],
160 : [« Scottie’s first day following Madeleine gets off to a slow start. »],
170 : [« He waits outside her apartment, then follows her to a flower shop. »],
180 : [« Things get weirder when Madeleine takes her flowers to Mission Dolores, heading straight for the graveyard. »],
190 : [« She spends a long time staring at the grave of someone named Carlotta Valdes. »],
200 : [« Scottie’s perplexed and keeps following Madeleine as she drives to her next stop, the Legion of Honor. »],
210 : [« Madeleine sits in the art gallery and stares at an old portrait. »],
220 : [« Scottie finds out the painting is called Portrait of Carlotta. »],
230 : [« Madeleine’s next stop is the strangest yet: an old hotel in downtown San Francisco. »],
240 : [« Scottie watches her enter and open the windows of a room upstairs, but when he asks the innkeeper. »],
250 : [« Se says no one fitting Madeleine’s description is in the hotel. »],
260 : [« The innkeeper says a Miss Carlotta Valdes does visit the hotel regularly, but today she swears she hasn’t been in. »],
270 : [« The innkeeper then goes upstairs to confirm, and lets Scottie see for himself that no one’s there. »],
280 : [« Madeleine has vanished, and her car is gone. »],
290 : [« Back in Midge’s apartment, Scottie asks her whether she knows any local authorities on San Francisco history. »],
300 : [« .He’s especially interested in people who know about unofficial history, urban legends. »],
310 : [« Midge mentions Pop Liebel, and together she and Scottie go to visit Pop’s bookstore downtown. »],
320 : [« Scottie won’t tell Midge what he’s trying to find out, even though she’s dying to know. »],
330 : [« At Pop Liebel’s, Scottie and Midge hear Carlotta’s story: a rich and powerful man loved Carlotta but never married her. »],
340 : [« She bore his child, but he threw her away, which drove her mad and led her to kill herself. »],
350 : [« Scottie still won’t tell Midge what’s up, but she guesses his secret. »],
360 : [« Gavin Elster tells Scottie he’s good at his job. He also confirms that he had suspected something was up with Carlotta Valdes. »],
370 : [« Elster explains that Madeleine is Carlotta’s great-granddaughter. »],
380 : [« Madeleine owns several pieces of Carlotta’s jewelry and has taken to wearing them and staring at her reflection in the mirror. »],
390 : [« Scottie thinks this explains the mystery. Anyone could develop an obsession for the past, with a background like that. »],
400 : [« However, Elster says that Madeleine has never even heard of Carlotta Valdes, so the plot keeps thickening. »],
410 : [« Back at the gallery at the Legion of Honor, a spaced-out Madeleine stares at the same painting she stared at before. »],
420 : [« When she leaves the museum, Scottie follows her again, this time to the Golden Gate Bridge. »],
430 : [« Suddenly, without warning, Madeleine jumps into the Bay. »],
440 : [« Scottie jumps in after her, drags her out of the water, and drives her to his place. »],
450 : [« In Scottie’s apartment, Madeleine’s fast asleep but wakes up startled when Scottie answers the phone. »],
460 : [« Madeleine’s naked underneath Scottie’s covers; her clothes are drying by the fire. »],
470 : [« Scottie tells her that she fell into the Bay, and she believes him. »],
480 : [« She seems to have no memory of what happened. »],
490 : [« As they talk, it’s clear that he’s already got it pretty bad for her. »],
500 : [« Scottie calls Elster and says that Madeleine knows nothing about what happened. »],
510 : [« Elster says that Madeleine is twenty-six, the same age Carlotta Valdes was when she killed herself. »],
520 : [« During the call, Madeleine sneaks out of the apartment. »],
530 : [« Scottie goes after her, but can’t catch up with her, She’s vanished again. »],
540 : [« Midge, waiting outside Scottie’s apartment in her car, sees Madeleine leave and Scottie rush after her. »],
550 : [« Midge assumes something amorous has been going on. »],
560 : [« Scottie follows Madeleine. »],
570 : [« We know, we know again. »],
580 : [« At least this time her destination comes as a surprise, she’s headed for Scottie’s apartment. »],
590 : [« She leaves him a thank-you note. »],
600 : [« Scottie approaches and reads it in Madeleine’s presence, then awkwardly suggests that the two of them spend the day together. »],
610 : [« Madeleine agrees, and we’re glad—we get a free tour of some of northern California’s most beautiful spots. »],
620 : [« They head south for a drive, ending up in Big Basin Redwoods State Park. »],
630 : [« Here Madeleine goes into one of her trances. »],
640 : [« Her voice changes, and she points to a redwood with historical dates on it to show Scottie when she died. »],
650 : [« When Madeleine comes to her senses, Scottie asks her what just happened, who was speaking through her. »],
660 : [« She refuses to answer and makes Scottie promise never to ask again. »],
670 : [« Having left the sequoias, Madeleine and Scottie are now by the ocean, near big, beautiful cliffs, crashing waves, and cypress trees. »],
680 : [« It makes us think of Tiger Woods for some reason. »],
690 : [« Madeleine runs toward the water, but Scottie saves her again. »],
700 : [« Citing a Chinese proverb, he tells Madeleine that he’s responsible for her forever, since he saved her life once. »],
710 : [« That’s deep. »],
720 : [« Madeleine gives a vague description of what happens to her—where she goes—when she spaces out. »],
730 : [« The one specific detail that Madeleine provides comes from one of her dreams. »],
740 : [« She says she sees a bell-tower and a courtyard, what looks like a village in Spain. »],
750 : [« Scottie says he wishes he could find the key that would make all the pieces of her story fit together. »],
760 : [« Madeleine despairs, says she’s mad, and rushes again toward the water. »],
770 : [« Madeleine is a tad melodramatic. »],
780 : [« This time, when Scottie catches up to her, he kisses her passionately, and the music on the soundtrack soars. »],
790 : [« After a cut, we’re in Midge’s apartment, where Midge looks perky, even though she complains that Scottie has been out of touch. »],
800 : [« Midge says that she has gone back to [her] first love … painting and that she’s been working on a canvas that she plans to give to Scottie. »],
810 : [« The painting turns out to be a version of the Portrait of Carlotta that Madeleine stares at so often. »],
820 : [« Instead of Carlotta’s head, though, this one has Midge’s; it’s a comical Portrait of Midge. »],
830 : [« Scottie says the joke isn’t funny and storms out. »],
840 : [« Midge berates herself for the gesture, which was just a clumsy attempt to win Scottie’s affection. »],
850 : [« Midge smudges the painting, then throws her brush at the window, calling herself stupid, stupid, stupid. »],
860 : [« In the middle of the night, Madeleine shows up at Scottie’s apartment unannounced, saying she’s had the dream about the Spanish village again. »],
870 : [« Scottie suddenly recognizes the village from her description. »],
880 : [« It’s not in Spain at all, he says, but just south of San Francisco. »],
890 : [« It’s the old Spanish Mission at San Juan Bautista. »],
900 : [« Scottie says he’ll take Madeleine there, and that this will bring her nightmare, and Carlotta’s control over her life, to an end. »],
910 : [« When you see it, you’ll remember when you saw it before, and that will finish your dream and destroy it. »],
920 : [« I promise You’ll be free. »],
930 : [« When they arrive, Madeleine once again seems to be possessed by the spirit of Carlotta, no matter how hard Scottie tries to bring her back to the present. »],
940 : [« Scottie and Madeleine kiss passionately and declare their love for one another. »],
950 : [« Madeleine starts repeating that it’s too late, and she takes off in the direction of the Mission’s bell-tower. »],
960 : [« Scottie chases her but his fear of heights prevents him from reaching the top of the tower stairs. »],
970 : [« We hear a scream and see Madeleine fall from the top of the tower onto a roof below. »],
980 : [« In shock, Scottie descends the stairs and leaves the scene. »],
990 : [« We’re in a courtroom where a coroner explains to a jury the events that we’ve just witnessed. »],
1000: [« Scottie’s face is blank throughout the official’s speech, which includes multiple jabs at his character and weakness. »],
1010: [« And references to the fact that once before, under similar circumstances, Scottie had allowed a colleague to fall to his death. »],
1020: [« After deliberating very briefly, the jury reaches its verdict. »],
1030: [« Madeleine’s death was a suicide. »],
1040: [« Scottie still looks stunned and doesn’t speak. »],
1050: [« Elster approaches him to say there are no hard feelings, that there was nothing Scottie could have done to prevent Madeleine’s death. »],
1060: [« You and I know who killed Madeleine, Elster says, referring to Carlotta Valdes. »],
1070: [« Scottie still doesn’t answer. »],
1080: [« Back at home, Scottie tosses and turns in bed. »],
1090: [« A dream sequence shows vertigo-inducing spirals and other odd shapes. »],
1100: [« We see Scottie’s head, wearing a stunned expression, floating free of his body, and falling fast. »],
1110: [« He wakes up terrified. »],
1120: [« Next thing we know, Scottie’s in a sanitarium, sitting and staring as blankly as Madeleine stared at Carlotta. »],
1130: [« Midge visits Scottie, bringing him music and trying to charm him with conversation, but Scottie remains oblivious the whole time. »],
1140: [« He looks catatonic. »],
1150: [« Midge visits the doctor in charge of Scottie’s case, who tells her that Scottie’s suffering from acute melancholia, together with a guilt complex. »],
1160: [« Midge offers the additional information that Scottie was—and still is—in love with Madeleine. »],
1170: [« The doctor says that this makes Scottie’s case even more complicated. »],
1180: [« Midge walks back down the hall, and that’s the last we see of her. »],
1190: [« The camera shows Scottie’s empty apartment, then pans to the lovesick Scottie revisiting all of the places he associates with Madeleine. »],
1200: [« He’s obviously still not all there. »],
1210: [« First he goes to Ernie’s restaurant, where he thinks he sees Madeleine. »],
1220: [« However, it turns out to be another woman altogether. »],
1230: [« The same thing happens at Madeleine’s apartment building, where he approaches a blonde woman driving Madeleine’s car. »],
1240: [« The woman explains that she bought it from Elster. »],
1250: [« Then Scottie goes back to the gallery at the Legion of Honor, thinks he sees Madeleine again, and is disappointed to realize that once again he’s been seeing things. »],
1260: [« Outside the flower shop Madeleine used to visit, Scottie spots a brunette who looks strikingly like Madeleine. »],
1270: [« He follows her to her apartment and knocks on her door. »],
1280: [« Totally creepy. »],
1290: [« The woman is startled but reluctantly answers Scottie’s questions. »],
1300: [« She’s not Madeleine, she says; she’s Judy Barton, from Salina, Kansas. »],
1310: [« Scottie doesn’t believe her, but she shows ID to prove it. »],
1320: [« Scottie impulsively invites Judy to dinner. After declining politely, she finally agrees. »],
1330: [« Reluctantly, Scottie agrees to leave and come back, giving her time to get ready. »],
1340: [« When he leaves the apartment, Judy sits down to compose a letter. »],
1350: [« We hear her in voiceover as she writes to Scottie to confess. »],
1360: [« A flashback begins Judy’s voiceover explains Gavin Elster’s plan to murder his wife. »],
1370: [« Scottie, she says, was this plan’s victim, and she was its tool. »],
1380: [« Elster hired Judy to play Madeleine because she looked like her. »],
1390: [« He made Scottie the witness. »],
1400: [« knowing that his fear of heights would prevent him from reaching the top of the bell-tower at the decisive moment when Judy, as Madeleine, would throw herself off the tower. »],
1410: [« It was the real Madeleine’s body that fell. »],
1420: [« Judy says that the only complication in Elster’s plan was that she fell in love with Scottie. »],
1430: [« She still adores him and wishes he could love her as Judy. »],
1440: [« At this point, the flashback ends. »],
1450: [« We see Judy change her mind and tear up the letter. »],
1460: [« She hopes she can get him to love her as the person she really is without revealing the story of Madeleine. »],
1470: [« Spoiler alert: dream on. »],
1480: [« At dinner, the two are quiet, awkward. »],
1490: [« Scottie thinks he sees Madeleine at another table, even though he’s there with Judy. »],
1500: [« For Judy, this confirms both that Scottie still loves Madeleine and that he doesn’t suspect anything. »],
1510: [« Back at Judy’s apartment, Scottie asks to see her again the next morning, and offers to take care of her. »],
1520: [« He tells her she shouldn’t go to work. »],
1530: [« Judy finally consents. »],
1540: [« The next day, Scottie buys Judy the same flowers Madeleine used to buy for herself. »],
1550: [« Then he insists on taking her to get a whole new wardrobe, buying her all the clothes Madeleine used to wear. »],
1560: [« Judy protests, saying she doesn’t want any clothes. »],
1570: [« She’s getting very uncomfortable. »],
1580: [« Scottie’s insistent: He looks at several gray suits until he finds the exact one Madeleine wore. »],
1590: [« He forces Judy to wear it. »],
1600: [« In Scottie’s apartment, Judy sobs, saying Scottie only wants her because she reminds him of the one that’s dead, meaning Madeleine. »],
1610: [« Judy asks why Scottie can’t just love her for who she is. »],
1620: [« Scottie says maybe he can. »],
1630: [« However, in the next scene, the makeover continues. »],
1640: [« Judy’s being transformed into Madeleine—that is, like the Madeleine Judy herself used to impersonate. »],
1650: [« At Scottie’s insistence, she dyes her hair blonde. »],
1660: [« We see Scottie getting more and more deranged by his obsession with a dead woman. »],
1670: [« Scottie waits for Judy at her apartment and is awed when she returns looking almost exactly like Madeleine. »],
1680: [« It’s not quite right, though. »],
1690: [« Judy reluctantly complies with Scottie’s request that she apply the finishing touch by putting her hair up exactly the way Madeleine used to. »],
1700: [« Judy goes into the bathroom to fix her hair, and when she comes out, it’s as if Madeleine has returned. »],
1710: [« Hitchcock bathes her in an eerie green light to make the moment even more surreal. »],
1720: [« Scottie, in a daze, grabs her and kisses her passionately. »],
1730: [« Their kiss transports Scottie back to the stables at San Juan Bautista, where he had kissed Madeleine. The makeover is complete. »],
1740: [« When this scene begins, Scottie and Judy seem content. »],
1750: [« They discuss where to go out for dinner and Judy proposes Ernie’s, the restaurant where Scottie first saw Madeleine and where he took Judy out for the first time. »],
1760: [« Scottie agrees but is startled when he sees Judy, who’s still getting ready, put on a necklace that he faintly recognizes. »],
1770: [« Judy asks him to help her put on the necklace, and when he gets a closer look. »],
1780: [« he realizes that it’s the one Carlotta wore in the portrait of her he’s seen so many times while he was stalking Madeleine. »],
1790: [« He knows How can he confirm his suspicions, though? | unreal engine |. hyperrealistic <split. »],
1800: [« Without revealing his plan at first, he decides to take Judy back to the Mission, the scene of the crime. »],
1810: [« In the car, Judy starts to get nervous and wonders where they’re going. »],
1820: [« Scottie doesn’t say anything until they arrive at the Mission San Juan Bautista. »],
1830: [« Judy starts freaking out and asks where they are and why. »],
1840: [« Over her protests, he gets her out of the car and pushes her into the Mission and up the stairs of the bell tower. »],
1860: [« She’s terrified. »],
1880: [« As he hauls her up the stairs, Scottie forces Judy to confess. »],
1890: [« He now knows what we knew after the flashback: that Judy had played Madeleine all along and faked those beautiful phony trances. »],
1910: [« Elster taught Judy how to act just like Madeleine. The whole thing was a plot to get Scottie to witness Madeleine’s suicide. »],
1930: [« Judy tells him that the real Madeleine was already dead when Elster threw her off the tower; he’d broken her neck. »],
1950: [« Why did they choose Scottie? | unreal engine |. hyperrealistic <split. »],
1970: [« Judy said it was because of his accident. Elster had heard about it and knew his vertigo would keep him from saving Madeleine. »],
2000: [« Judy tells him that Elster escaped to Switzerland after the murder. »],
2030: [« Judy thinks Scottie won’t make it to the top of the bell-tower, but he does. »],
2060: [« He gets a little dizzy on the way but makes it to the top. »],
2090: [« He seems to have finally conquered his fear of heights. »],
2110: [« Judy tells Scottie that she still loves him and begs him to keep her safe. »],
2200: [« Scottie says that it’s too late, because there’s no bringing Madeleine back. »],
2250: [« They kiss passionately for the last time. »],
2300: [« A nun, having heard the voices from the tower, comes up the stairs. »],
2350: [« Judy lets out a scream and falls to her death. »],
2400: [« Just like Madeleine, Scottie’s in shock. »],
2410: [« In the film’s final image, we see him staring down at Judy, totally helpless and stunned. »],