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This piece takes its name from the famous Greek sculpture “Laocoon.” The artist has taken different wires and cables from technological products to create an analogy between them and the python of the original “Laocoon” sculpture; the struggle of the original sculpture between man and serpent here becomes the trial of modern man against technological items. Laocoon uses thermoplastic molded wall reliefs in which one can faintly make out the threads of modern scientific and industrial implements. Encased under black coating, they are apparently without any real function, only ornaments for people to glance upon, or perhaps, like the tragic prophet of the Greek “Laocoon,” they predict the future can lead to nothing but self-destruction.

Cette oeuvre tire son nom de la célèbre sculpture grecque. L’artiste a pris différents fils et câbles à partir de produits technologiques pour créer une analogie entre eux et le python de la sculpture originale “Laocoon”. La lutte dans la sculpture originale entre l’homme et le serpent devient ici le procès de l’homme moderne contre les éléments technologiques.

Avec la participation de D. Sirois
Collection du musée des Beaux-Arts de Wuhan