La Machine 100 Têtes

RRose Editions, 2023

French / English bilingual edition, with an accompanying text by Béatrice Joyeux-Prunel

« When I was 8, I was given this book by Max Ernst, into which I would immerse my nights. The relationship between text and image fascinated me, not knowing which came first. Did Ernst begin with a text and continue with an image, or did the image evoke a title? And what was the nature of the text, if it came first? Was it already, in one way or another, an image? Or did the image, if it came first, already contain its textuality? The boundary between discourse and figure blurred before my childish eyes. This childhood debt has never been paid. I took the titles and used artificial intelligence to generate images. In a way, these are collages, but of a new kind: collages that cut through the epidermis of our networks and their hypermnesia, collages by induction, synthesis and statistics. »

500 copies
Hardcover. 21 x 29.7 cm. 168 pages. HUV Printing on 115g Munken Print White. Black Cialux cloth for the covers.
ISBN : 978-2-9586199-2-3