Telofossils II – Beijing































Living species born and die. We are a living species. We will disappear. Because of the pollution, meteor, illness, anything that we have no idea. We can not predict it, but we know it. We will disappear and no one will think this disappearance. Earth return dumb and beneath its surface billions of fossils, all these industrial objects we have products that no longer serve anyone.
Meanwhile, we continue to memorize everything : we take photographs, we consult our phone, we’re on the Internet and machine record all our actions, we fall in love and we break up, we are always looking for something. We don’t want to forget anything because we know we are going to disappear.

The creators project
On posthuman material culture
China Daily
99 ys

Unicorn Art Centre (Caochangdi District, Beijing), april-may 2015
Wuhan Museum, june-july 2015
With Dominique Sirois (sculpture) & Christophe Charles (audio)
With the support of Institut Français