Memories Center : The Dreaming Machine v.2

A partir de l’intelligence artificielle générant les rêves de The Dreaming Machine (2014) fondée sur une base de données de 20 000 rêves humains, une nouvelle IA lit ces rêves, les interprète et génère automatiquement des images. 

From the dream-generating artificial intelligence of The Dreaming Machine (2014) based on a database of 20,000 human dreams, a new AI reads these dreams, interprets them and automatically generates images.

I think I know why I think they’re going for beds I know I won’t get the table

There’s a musician, it’s a good night, and we’d rather go to him and get the other water
All together, the only thing I think is that the last one comes to a couple that says, I think I think I say, no! I say, I think I can see the street, and the other girl and a little bit of people, and the interns are there .
I say, Hey, she says it was a small park
I think I was kind of like in a park or something, and the street is kind of the courthouse
I say, No, I don’t know if they’re all old for a while, and the street is kind of a park in the room, and I think people are there
I think I might start
My mother was there in my dream
I was also part of my mother, pointing to my friend and a zoo, and I was trying to get through the door
I started cleaning a horse that had left the side of the road

I also see a big stick, there’s an actress
And I go to the bathroom
She comes in and says My dad is here, and I want to go home
I’m at a party and I’m sitting with a lot of people